Seen: 1800s Frame

I saw this framed photo (?) in Virginia in 2016.  It was in the upstairs of an antique shop. I have a lot of dislike for huge, bulky, obnoxious frames that were in style for most of Western history. I find them oppressive in rooms and it is even more scalding that they are often worth more than the items that they actually frame.

That being said, I really do appreciate this frame. In fact, it may be the only one that I have ever seen that I would consider purchasing since I did not take an immediate dislike toward it. I would even keep that well-dressed chap’s picture in the frame. I feel bad that he is currently hung on white pegboard – sorry, fella! I mean, for $98 this is probably a very good deal and I think it would suit any club room or parlor. I find it odd that I like this as much as I do… but there you have it.


I also get a kick out of this tag – it uses both “great” and “wonderful.”  That’s salesmanship!  But you be the judge about this frame; I did manage to get a decent close-up of it….



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