Seen: Painting (cards)

I saw this painting in Winchester, Virginia in November 2016.  It was in the very corner of an antiques/junk warehouse.  I wish I had gotten a better photo. (Don’t I always, though?) Anyway, I did take a photo of the tag, but when I did a cursory look online, nothing came up. Or, well, nothing entirely relevant. I can see the artist’s name on the right side of the painting, but some other stuff had been piled in front of the painting, so that is not totally visible.


The tag tells is that this painting is signed front and back, and I am not sure if that has anything to do with the price. I do like this painting, but $475 is probably a correct pricing, but I do not like it $475 worth, if that makes sense.  One of the odd things in the painting, though, is the red cat-dog on the floor on the left side of the picture. I mean, I feel that could have been better colored? Otherwise, it is an interesting painting. I generally feel positively about paintings of card players, chess players, etc.


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