Seen: Painting (garden party)

I saw this painting in Mooresville, North Carolina in February 2017.  It is a large piece -it took up a lot of space. I like the frame a lot. I do not often find frames that I like at all. The price tag (hung from a string in the upper left corner) says this is an “Antique Oil Painting” and that it could be mine for $1,000.  I think that is a little steep. Especially because I have no proof that this is “antique.”  Nor do I know who painted it or when or of what. It looks like some sort of odd garden party.


The thing that really annoys me – or amuses me (I can’t tell which) – about this painting is that all of the faces are exactly the same. Everyone in the painting has the same face, young or old, male or female.  Now, their clothes or hair or whatever is a bit different – but their faces are all the same.  Its really disconcerting and also ridiculous.


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