Seen: Painting (garden party)

I saw this painting in Mooresville, North Carolina in February 2017.  It is a large piece -it took up a lot of space. I like the frame a lot. I do not often find frames that I like at all. The price tag (hung from a string in the upper left corner) says this is…

Seen: Painting (cards)

I saw this painting in Winchester, Virginia in November 2016. It was in the very corner of an antiques/junk warehouse.

Seen: Painting of Man

I saw this painting of a man smoking a pipe while playing a small stringed instrument in Camden, South Carolina in 2016. I found it on a wall in an alcove displaying pieces of furniture and lamps. It caught my eye because of the rather somber look to the man.

Seen: Statuette

This statuette was in the front window of an Antiques store in Naples, Florida. If you have been there, you probably have seen the store. I found this piece so very eye-catching and remarkable when I was there in March 2016.

Seen: Giovanetti Art

I saw this painting in Shelby, North Carolina in August 2016. I like the painting, surely, but it is not something I would pay $500 for. I am sure it is worth it, though.